Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Five Windows - HOP 50th Anniversary - USA

  'Five Windows' - Short Edit from Ross Ashton on Vimeo.
Heres a short taster of the 'Five Windows' show that we created for Dartmouth College Hopkins Centre for the Arts in the US.  I hope you like it.
Theres a nice interview with the college newspaper here

Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Light of Venice at the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas

Light of Venice - Carnivale 2, originally uploaded by Ross Ashton.

This year we have begun to deliver a series of 3D projection mapped shows to the Ventian Hotel in Las Vegas.  The commissions are to create Son et Lumières for the facade of The Clock Tower of the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, USA.
The Clock Tower is an exact scale model of the famous clock tower in St Marks Square, Venice Italy.
Each story takes a its inspiration from different aspects of the city and its history and recreates fantasies based on these themes.

Three shows have been delivered to date based on Clockwork, Carnivale and Canaletto.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Five Windows - Hopkins Center for Arts 50th Anniversary

Hopkins Center for Arts 50th Anniversary - Main Logo, originally uploaded by Ross Ashton.
I'm in Hanover, New Hampshire at the moment creating 'Five Windows', a video projection mapping project to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Hopkins Centre for Arts at Dartmouth College.
This is a massive centre for creativity and includes several theatres and performance spaces, creative spaces and art galleries.
This projection work kicks off the Year of the Arts.

There is a more complete write up of the piece by Graylin Harrison - Here