Friday, 18 November 2011

Crown of Light - Stained Glass

Crown of Light - Stained Glass, originally uploaded by Ross Ashton.

Great first night crowds last night.  They really seemed to enjoy themselves.  I do get a buzz from the audience reaction.
The weather is great and I really hope it holds up for the rest of the week.  Its cold but very dry.  The high cloud cover means we are getting minimal bounce from the orange sodium lights in the town, which means the colours look richer and brighter, as the blacks are not tinted orange.
Michael and Cy have got the PIGI's tuned to a T.  Karen has spent the time to get the programming re-tweeked and it is really looking good.  Its rare for me to repeat a piece.  Clients always want to commission new stuff.  However, something on this scale can be repeated I think to great effect, and of course it doesn't cost as much the second time around as it already exists.  Two years on, even those that have seen it before can enjoy it again.
If you are in Durham, come and say hello.

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