Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Its been a busy year up to now and keeping up with the blog slipped far to far down the "To Do" list. However if you have a moment here is a quick update (In No Particular Order!).

The big news is that I have been comisioned to create a projection artwork for the front of Buckingham Palace for "Face Britain". For the full story on "Face Britain" click here.

Last year I created the first outdoor video projection son et lumiere in India called "Ishq-e-Dilli" This was honoured with an award this spring. See the write up here. I'm the guy in the embarrassing trews!

We have opened an office in India to respond to Indian customers who want to use our skils for their events.   This company is called Tricolor India and is based near Delhi.

We are just back from Malta having worked on Rockestra again.  A great time was had by all, although Malta in August is HOT!  No write up yet, I'll publish it when its written up.

August is also the season of the Edinburgh Tattoo, which uses 4 PIGI slide projectors.
This was a landmark year with new stands and a new director.

Later this year I will return to Durham to repeat "Crown of Light" for the Lumiere Festival.  This is projection across the entire facade of Durham Cathedral.

Thats a quick update.  I promise to keep up to date!