Saturday, 26 June 2010


On our day off, and the ETC crew and I went on a days safari.
This is really a magnificent country and the people at the
Jason our guide was very accommodating but the award for best tracker needs to go to Jack, who is one of our drivers.
He could spot animals that all the rest of us could not even see.

The landscape is very dry at this time of year, so it is completely brown. As I have said before, it is -2 to -5 at night and yet reaches 20 during the days. There is no rain and the combination of factors has a devastating effect on plant life.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Installation at Soccer City

I arrived a couple of days ago in South Africa for the get in of the World Cup closing ceremony which will be held at Soccer City. As you have seen from my previous post andf from the photo above, they have managed to brand most things with a football theme.

Its absolutely freezing here getting down to -5 C at night, and like most hot countries cold weather is never taken into account as it is so rare. Consequently my hotel room has been freezing for two nights with no heating, until the management took pity on me and got the aircon to pump hot air.

The system is in and up and the ETC guys have been working hard and we are very much ahead of the game (touch wood). Gearhouse are great and things are going swimmingly! Long may it continue. We flew out the projector platforms today and can start lineup after the next match on Wednesday.